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In the valve design or use experience, the lifting valve packing is mostly asbestos packing or graphite packing or PTFE V-shaped packing, but these kinds of packing are limited by the number of valve opening and closing, that is, with the increase of valve opening and closing times, the packing will wear out
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The components of the valve must undergo the following processes before assembly:1. According to processing requirements, some parts need to be polished, and the surface must be free of machining burrs, etc;
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During the use of valves, there are often some troubling problems, such as whether the valve is tightly closed or not. What should I do?
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Electrochemical corrosion corrodes metals in various forms, which not only acts between two metals, but also produces potential differences due to the poor solubility of the solution, the poor solubility of oxygen, and the slight difference in the internal structure of the metal, which aggravates the corrosion.
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